Mind First

We adhere to Antao’s humanistic thought, through a series of effective thinking tool, use our rich practical experience, we are devoting ourselves to create a high quality urban environment that is leading the market direction.

Antao Wisdom

From Antao’s understanding, design task is a speculative process filled with wisdom; we start the project with e brainstorm thinking.

Design Philosophy

Pay more attention to humanities; focus on the earth, and care for everyone’s inward happiness experience.

Scientific Analysis

Through the collection of geographic information, to refine local humanistic value, evaluate and analyze the value of the users, make the analysis more accurate through professional tools.

Scientific Process

Antao 5 + 12 process management, effectively control project in various stages, the whole process from project idea to realization.

Technical Expression

We use various ways of expressions of virtual modeling software, graphic design software and hand drawings to express the design concepts and intentions.

Perfect Achievement

Create a different future through our design.