Interdisciplinary Professional Collaboration

Except for building experts, landscape expert, ecologist, economist, we have experts on device art, sculpture design, furnishing design, outdoor home design, illumination design, ecological design, etc. to provide systemic and comprehensive solutions.

Cooperative Sectors
Device Art Expert

They have high refinement to design cognition; can bring rich & multiple decorative elements into site full of emotion.

Sculpture Design Expert

They use visual communication as medium, three-dimensional modeling as technique, to creative inspiration into changeless eternity.

Furnishing Design Expert

No matter in commercial space or living space, through quadratic expression of multiple designs, we can always make it brilliant.

Illumination Expert

We use light to create a world full of color and charm, give each work a vocal vitality.

Ecological Design Expert

We care about every inch of land, when reducing the consumption of resources; we are reducing costs, to form sustainable development of the production, consumption system.

Urban Furniture Expert

Through mobilizing aesthetic factors of styling, color, material, craft, decoration and pattern, to carry out design and creativity, scheme perfection, and meet people's aesthetic demand.