Design Service

Focus on the Continuing Exploration of Residential Environment and Lifestyle

Antao provides clients with multi-scale landscape design, and is committed to explore the relations of Landscape and people’s lifestyle, promotes people to form a certain quality of life and its ways. Besides, Anntao pays attention to the scientific nature of landscape, makes full use of modern technology to bring landscape design to a new stage of development, and realizes the integration of technology and art. Architecture designers honor landscaping design, it is an interpretation of architectures under macro-landscape. On the basis of fully understanding of the site resources and existing conditions, to purse the innovation of materials and crafts, creating landscape architecture, ecological architecture, Antao is using ecological strategy as the breakthrough point, we all take landscape as a carries both for new city’s development or old city reconstruction, make it the basic landscape element of organizational urban space structure, proceed urban planning under the background nature, fully integrate and plan natural resources, vegetation, infrastructure construction, architecture to reasonably solve the problem of city, and create livable environment.

Architecture Design

Explore the possibility of highly integration with nature, is the starting point of our design.