Antao 2016 Summer Camp

"Design World" Summer Camp

Antao source point summer camp which was set up in 2012, will pave the path of your expected design road. The recruitment of 2016 "Design World" Summer Camp has begun. Click the button blow to apply.

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  • Fast design for 2016 "Design World" Summer Camp recruitment:

    Using "Container gardening" as the topic. Forms ar not limited. The outcome can be a photo, a rendering or a Plan, Elevation and Section, together with the design description, showing on a digital file (in PDF format) with size A2. Click the button above, input your information and upload the fast design.


    We want someone matches these

    1. Students majoring in Architecture, Environment Design, Industrial Deisng, Sculpture, etc.

    2. With ideas, creative, passionate, and love design.

    3. Work carefully & earnestly, high responsibility.

    4. Famous educational background is not a necessity, but you must have outstanding learning abilities .

    5. Good at communication, easy to work with.

    You Will Get

    1. Continuous growing space and the chance to achieve your dream about design.

    2. Continuous improvement of personal qualities and skills.

    3. Same meal subsidies with company’s formal employees.

    4. Completion certificate and specialized souvenir from the board of directors of Antao International.

    5. Senior HR shall provide you employment consultation & guidance; help you to clear the roads of becoming a go-to personal.

    6. Excellent performers during the summer camp will have the chance to sign formal employee contract with Antao.

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