Blossom of Thoughts, Precipitation of Wisdom



This book has the selection of Antao International’s recent yeas’ excellent landscape design projects, the whole book is divided into 4 categories: hotel & resort comprehensive community, urban real estate landscape, commercial & real estate landscape, planning & ecological design, demonstrate Antao international’s outstanding achievements and design results among this filed, each project shows the designers design understanding and concepts. It aims to share the accumulations and deposits of Antao’s 10+ years, to study jointly landscape’s wisdom.

Cover Concept: Our Garden

In the garden of Antao, there is a group of people, they are joyful, happy, passionate, due to the love to life and dedication in design, they remain still the peaceful profile in the middle of the bustle world, they worked out a peace of dream garden on the enclave site though the wisdom of the collective, the buried the seeds of hope, and will gain unlimited future of China Landscape.


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