Hill View

Hill View of Thousand Island Lake is another representative work of Antao International complex community. Antao International concludes the following attributes of the resort community: rich landscape resources; convenient transportation conditions; using landscape design and atmosphere to create and drive the community quality; no need to depend on the resort visitors, itself has community attribute. How to build this project to be the first residential and second residential complex community?

The designer firstly analyzed this project’s features; first of all, this project is located at the new city of Qing Xi of Thousand Island Lake, 2 kilometers from the thousand island lake exit of Hang-Qian highway, very convenient access to downtown, this meets the needs of people’s pursuit of “6 hours working circle + 6 hours resort area” living mode, can realize the free exchange of working and resort. Secondly, the project is close to thousand Island Lake, with advantageous natural environment, and beautiful lake view is visible, boundless expanse of blue water. This all provides rich landscape resources to this project, using thousand Island Lake as the background, the residential creation is having more taste of resort.


■ Project Scale : 129,375 sq.m.    ■ Design Time : 2011

■ Developer : Liuhe Group

■ Project Address : Thousand Island Lake