Aha Urban Furniture

Intergrowth with the city

Antao brings in the urban furniture that lived to the city contexts, using best quality materials and manufacturing methods, let people feel comfortable with the best craft of contemporary furniture products, providing basic support for the city.

  • We are building the high quality brand home furnishings of contemporary, concise, warm, natural and full of human interest to improve the urban public spaces. We are keen on creating the combination of creation and the environment, meanwhile demonstrating the design products with unique taste.

  • All furniture, decorations are dedicated to the customers who love design, and full of energies, and insight into life details. We hope to feedback to the city life through the best value designed furniture. All are so simple, which it should be.

Gemdale Pam Island

People can also enjoy their shopping fun in Sky Park, appreciating the beautiful view of the city. Here, you can find sharp contrast to the surrounding buildings of upright and foursquare appearance; it will become a modern, grandeur, warm and pleasant luxury street view under the noisy background.

Cloud Lake

A tone of simplicity is running over the outdoor furniture, they are such elegantly falling out in view, is like they are resorting themselves of a vacation and wondering in this modern, natural scenery.