Aha Lighting Design

Use light rays to express beautiful spaces

Antao gives spaces unique experiences with the aid of lights, bringing users fascinating imaginations.

  • We strive to provide a full range of lighting environmental solution from the perspective of green ecological and energy saving, through introduction of world famous brands of lamps and lanterns of high quality appliances and related control system, Antao is creating the best suitable city lights environment by its profession and technique.

  • We strive to realize orderly images of spaces through continuous, gradient, fluctuant and crisscross tact, control well the unification and changes of various lighting landscape on theme, style, and artistic conceptions, balance well the brightness of the light unit, light color nad form, etc.

Tian’an Manhattan

Modern decorative materials, water features and lights are complimenting each other, serene but not lose the taste of nature, strong in aesthetic feeling, permeated with a kind of happy and cheerful atmosphere.

Shanghu Island

Capturing the flash imagination that generated from space and time with the effect of lights at night, turning imagination out into image, creating an artistic conception that both rich in classical flavor and also contain modern life features.