Aha Device and Sculpture Design

View the World from Another Angle

Antao is devoting to express unique design concepts, making devices and sculptures soul shocking & passing feelings.

  • On the premise of meeting the needs of public functioning, psychological needs and urban economy construction needs, use devices and sculptural arts to enrich the site’s landscape experience and activity experience.

  • Based on different clients’ requirements to provide design consulting service, provide device arts’ customize service for public spaces, and integrate the process of design, manufacture and installation, to create artistic exclusive personal spaces.

Up in the Air

The light pillar that is penetrating the clouds is composing with the clouds as a subject to form a whole device. A variety of small hands are holding lamps above the clouds, illuminating colorful lights, like angels are paving sunshine in the sky. The device is set to be an interactive experience, which visitors can control the handle, and motivate the locations of light motion, forming a stage dramatic effect. People under lights are chasing frolicking with the lights and shadow, endless joy in it. Up in the Air symbolizes the high-end comfortable life up in the clouds.

Cloud Lake

Artistic Languages to emphasize people’s memory to landscape, landscape theme is natural and graceful; we use dragonfly sculpture to manifest the theme and express our feelings. We scatter all shapes of dragonflies’ sculptures at every corner, which is becoming a necessary landscape element while you think it is just at random, forming a common shared memory of people to this scene.