Aha Children’s Playground

Bring you to the world of fairy tales

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  • We import amusement apparatuses with European highest standard of security and quality, and provide children from 1 to 19 years old worldwide with design of children’s playground. Playgrounds must be safe, but to attract children’s interests, some challenging activities are indispensable. What we do is to find a balance between comfort and challenge. A comfortable environment provides children with a sence of security and allows them to play at pleasure, and challenging activites broaden children’s comfort zone.

  • To provide families with a wonderful and relaxing experience, we are trying to achieve the following goals:
    Help Children make new friends in games;
    Stimulate children’s creativity through games;
    Provide parents with chances to take part in their children’s games.

Rong Hui Park

Big Brown Bear’s story opens a wonderful journey, all kids like discovery, risk, and imagination, being together, surely there should be fun. We maximize the spatial and sensual experience by providing various rich entertainment experience like slide ways, swing, hills and potholes, etc. meantime, children can develop their own ability and interest based on different children’s age characters.

Gemdale Freedom City

Mushroom tree house in the forest brings kids to a fairy tale, the childhood we can not go back to, now become reachable. Here, we have various spring-seat chairs with themes of many different animals, designing in accordance with the terrain, which meet the needs of different ages’ children’s play.