Hapiness begins with the fitst glance.

The Origin of Aha

  • Aha belongs to Antao design group, based on years of international design and construction experience, integrate multi-parts resources to create brand-new creating design brand, its business field will cover children’s play ground and facilities, urban furniture, sculpture design, device arts, lighting design, games scenarios, etc.

  • Aha brand inspiration stems from people’s exclamations when they are facing all the good things. Antao uses bright lively colors and fun nifty materials to build up happy and artistic spaces, spreads life concepts of happiness. Attracting and impressing customers through experiences, and meet customers’ imaginations for future ideal family life.

People Oriented

Antao advocates “People Oriented” ideas, defines design achievements as the beautiful and memorable city images, transforms warm & sweet, leisure & relaxed living attitudes.

Nature & Eco-friendly

Respect the original topography and terrain, using design methods to return back nature. Stucco, stone used are all complies with the European standard.

Safe & Comfortable

Recreational equipments we brought in are all based on the characters of the people who will be using, materials applied with clear security standard, comply with European standard EN1176.