Follow My Step

Antao has been though many “Gorgeous Turn Around” in development; they helped us to open a new chapter for our growth.




  • Company’s new website, LOGO are put into use

  • Completion of Shareholding Reform

  • Establishment of Shanghai Branch



  • Antao Ten Years Work Portfolio the Wisdom of Landscape Published

  • Nanjing Forestry University, China Academy of Art Set Up Their Internship Base in Antao

  • Antao Established Strategic Cooperation Relationship with Gemdale Group


  • Establish product line, set up 5 core products including resort community, create white paper on company development strategy, and plan the company’s future development direction from a strategic height.

  • 1st Antao Summer Camp Opens


  • Antao Research Center was established

  • Put forward the concept of “Macro-Landscape”

  • Start Campus Recruitment


  • Become a member of American Society of Landscape Architecture(ASLA)、The international foundation of landscape architects, United States Green Building Council(USGBC)、, American institute of architects(AIA)

  • Obtained Landscape Architecture Project Design Special Grade B Design Intelligence


  • 2001 Antao(Hongkong) Landscape and Architecture Design Co.,Ltd Established

  • 2004 Hangzhou Antao Architecture Planning Design Co., Ltd Established

  • 2005 Antao moved to Zhonghuan Plaza

  • 2006, Build Up Bonds of Cooperation with Many Medias like Landscape Design, International New Landscape, Times Architectures